Mountain Lion, OSX 10.8

Apple has recently released the latest version of MacOS and named it Mountain Lion. The products from Apple has always delighted me and I am looking forward to this one as well.

My darling sister has gifted me a copy and now I am downloading the image. I do not completely agree with the idea of distributing an OS over internet especially for bandwidth constricted countries like India. But it does have its advantages. As an OS gets older, more and more service packs and updates are released. Distributing the install image over the internet allows slipstream any updates released later. This prevents multi gigabyte downloads after downloading the main image.

Apple has done a great job in automating almost everything in the Lion installer. Things have further improved with Mountain Lion. After the download completed, the installer started automatically, upgraded the EFI partition and rebooted the notebook. Strangely, the installer locked up at “About 31 minutes remaining”. I left the installer overnight but it was stuck at the same place. I forcefully rebooted the laptop the following morning. The installer restarted after the reboot and seemed to install properly. The total install time was about 17 minutes and the Mountain Lion desktop finally came up. The wallpaper is pleasant and the system is very responsive.

Looking forward to using the new OS. More updates coming up.

Mac client for WordPress

The search for a good MacOS desktop client for WordPress is still on. This time I am trying out myWPEdit. I am mainly looking for a client which can allow me to format the text and photographs.

Last time I tried MacJornal and Marsedit and both have been failures. Considering this software is made by a German guy, I am keeping my hopes high this time.

White-Blue half albino Peacock

White-Blue Peacock, originally uploaded by Chi Liu.

Mother nature never fails to amaze us. I have heard and also seen quite a few white peacocks both in captivity and in wild.

However this is a first time I am seeing a mixed White and Blue one. Apparently it looks like this is exactly a 50% Albino. I even wondered if this could have been photoshopped. But apparently the photo looked too good to be doctored. I was discussing about White peacocks with my sister when Google showed me this photo.


The joy of Freedom

The day started off with an extremely positive note.

Yesterday evening I went down to Galleria market to have some snacks and found a pigeon lying on the ground unable to fly and a lot of people and kids gathering around it enjoying the fun. I did not even think twice before going, grabbing the bird and moving out of the place.

Coming back to my office, I started looking for a nearby veterinary doctor. Justdial was of immense help. They put me in touch with someone not so nearby, but dealing with birds. The next obvious problem was how to take the bird to the doctor. The bird was being very restless. It was impossible to hold the bird as well as ride my bike. My colleague Parveen came to the rescue. He offered to drive me to the vet.

Thankfully there was nothing wrong with the bird and essentially it was suffering from fatigue. The vet gave me a bottle of Vitamin drops which he showed me how to administer.

The next problem was of course finding the bird a home for the night. The obvious place I would have taken it would have been to my residence. But that was another problem. I stay alone here in Gurgaon and it would be very difficult for me to administer the medicine should the bird have to stay for more than a night. Thankfully Parveen came up with the brilliant idea of putting it in the office itself under a perforated carton with food and water.

The first thing I did today morning was to come to office and check on my new guest the pigeon. It seemed to be in pretty good shape and I could make out that it had eaten a bit. One more dose of medicine and I took it to the balcony to set it free. Once I opened my clasps, it was dazzled for a few moments till it finally flew to freedom.

I wish I was carrying my camera today….